Conference Week Camp
Is This Week!


(Registration is CLOSED)

Lots of Fun!

Games with the guidance of our trained staff will help children to have fun while learning!

Social Skills

Camaraderie, friendship, and collaboration are part of why students are grouped by grade!


Nurture is at the heart of every interaction with your child, helping them to grow each day!

Quality Staff

Students will enjoy having a trained counselor to guide them through the day’s fun and activities!


Students from Brookside, Red Oak, and Oak Hills Elementary schools are all welcome to participate in Conference Week Camp! Students will meet our Growing Outdoors staff at the lunch tables on each of the school campuses. After a quick supervised lunch brought from home, students and staff from Red Oak and Oak Hills will ride our seat-belted school bus over to Brookside Elementary, where they will join students from Brookside. Students from all three schools will be grouped by grade and will have an opportunity to meet some new friends that also go to school in the district!


Tuesday, March 5 - Friday, March 8!

For about 3 hours each day of conference week, students and staff will play, learn, and grow together. Starting at 12:15pm (dismissal), students will have time to eat their lunch brought from home while supervised by our staff. After lunch, we will divide up the remaining time into three activity periods, with a variety of activities, until 3pm when it’s time to head home (or Club Oak Park if you are a Brookside student)!

What is Conference Week Camp?

During the week of conferences, families expressed how hard it can be to have several short school days in a row. Growing Outdoors wanted to find a way to help to solve this problem. Created with the same principles as our After-school Enrichment program, Conference Week Camp is designed to give children an opportunity to develop their 21st century skills like critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

How Is It Different?

Starting with the structure, Conference Week Camp is exactly that; a week long program where students are grouped by grade, with other students from within the district. Each group will be assigned a counselor, and together they will go from activity to activity together. Starting with some name games to help the students get to know each other, students will have a chance to build friendships, while having fun, with the guidance of our exceptionally trained staff members!

FAQs & Things You Need To Know

What kinds of activities will my child be doing?
We have lots of fun camp-style activities planned! These activities may include field games, blacktop games, gaga, carom games, arts and crafts, science, drama games, sports, and more!
What about lunch?
Great question! After school gets out at 12:15 and before our program begins, students should come to the lunch tables to eat their lunch they brought from home; Growing Outdoors staff will supervise during this time. At 12:45 our staff will gather their group of students, and then the fun starts!
Will my child be grouped by their grade?
Yes. We find that children play at different levels partially based on their grade. Knowing that a 1st grader is likely to play basketball at a different level than 5th grader, we group students together so they will be with others in a similar grade.
What happens if my child goes to Club Oak Park at their school?
At 3:00pm, after our program ends, Growing Outdoors staff will walk those children from Brookside Elementary enrolled in Club Oak Park to the appropriate location and release them to the care of their staff. Unfortunately, for students from Red Oak Elementary and Oak Hills Elementary, we won’t be able to bring those students back to Club Oak Park at those schools. These students will need to be picked up at 3:00pm from Brookside Elementary, where Conference Week Camp takes place.
What do I do if my child is absent?
Please call us as early as possible (before 11 is preferable!) at (818) 889-8383. The program director (Sam) will be creating daily attendance sheets for each age group, so it would be helpful to have that information as early as possible. If a child that is expected does not show up, we will first check with the school to confirm that they were in attendance that day, and then we will call the parents to confirm their child’s safety.
Why does registration close before the first day of Conference Week Camp?
Growing Outdoors wants to provide the best possible program. Therefore, we need time to purchase/gather supplies, prepare our staff, in addition to reviewing each child’s health form, prior to the first day.
Does Conference Week Camp take place at my child's school?


Brookside Elementary School will be the host for Conference Week Camp. Brookside students will meet on their Growing Outdoors staff member on the quad next to the lunch tables immediately after school.
Oak Hills students will meet their Growing Outdoors staff people at the cafeteria lunch tables and Red Oak students will meet their G.O. staff at the Kindergarten lunch tables; students at both schools will eat their home packed lunch right away. Then our staff members will help students board the school bus, get buckled, and head to Brookside for the fun day!
All students will need to be picked up at Brookside at the conclusion of the program (3:00pm); there is no transportation back to Red Oak or Oak Hills.
I'm nervous about my child riding a bus. What's it going to be like?
The bus will be driven by a professional school bus driver. This service is through Student Transportation of America (STA), a national school bus company that we’ve been using for 15 years.
Some of our staff will ride the bus with the students, making the short ride to Brookside fun with songs and games, while keeping safety a top priority.
What will the schedule look like?
Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.26.16 PM
How much does Conference Week Camp cost?
You can register for individual days or for all days at a discounted rate! Each day normally costs $35, but if you register for all four days, the cost is $130 (or $32.50 per day).

Are You Ready For Conference Week Camp?

The program runs from Tuesday, March 5 – Friday, March 8, and will take place from dismissal at 12:15pm until 3:00pm each day on the Brookside Elementary School campus. Students and Growing Outdoors staff from Red Oak Elementary and Oak Hills Elementary will be picked up by a school bus and ride over to Brookside for Conference Week Camp. You can register for individual days or for the whole week at a discounted rate! The cost is $35 per day or $130 for all four days. Registration must be completed and submitted online. Registration deadline has been extended to Sunday, March 3, 2019 at Midnight.

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