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Frequently Asked Questions
Why a new After-School Enrichment Program?

We’ve been brought on by Willow to bring a cohesiveness and centrality to the after-school exploratories. We hope to provide great service, purposeful programming, and a safe environment where your child can thrive.

A few features of the Growing Outdoors program:

  • We have a Site Coordinator on campus from before the first program begins until the last child is picked up! The Site Coordinator will be reachable by phone while program is running, have a health form for each child, a first aid kit, student lists, and release/emergency information.
  • There is a Growing Outdoors Exploratory Leader in each class! Our trained staff person is there to focus on the students’ well being, while the vendor or Program Specialist will handle the instruction of the activity. Our staff person can help with any individual or emotional problems that may arise, so the instructor can focus on the activity as a whole. They will also handle attendance and dismissal (don’t forget to bring your picture ID!) so you can be sure that your child is well cared for.
  • The Site Coordinator and each Exploratory Leader will have a walkie talkie so additional assistance is only a walkie talkie call away!
  • Registration and payment for all after-school exploratories happens online, making it easier for you!
What happens if my child participates in the YMCA after-care program?
At the end of each exploratory, Growing Outdoors staff will walk those children enrolled in YMCA program from their exploratory to the appropriate location.
What do I do if my child has to miss an exploratory day?

Please call us as early as possible (before 11 is preferable!) at (818) 889-8383. We will be preparing daily attendance sheets for each exploratory, so it would be helpful to have that information as early as possible. If a child that is expected does not show up for their exploratory, we will first check with the school to confirm that they were in attendance that day, and then we will call the parents to confirm their child’s safety.

Why are the exploratories divided into trimesters?

We feel that students will get the most out of each exploratory when they have consistent time to be with the same students and the same instructors to build a rapport. By making each trimester eight to ten calendar weeks in length, students will have three opportunities during the school year to try different exploratories. Each trimester will offer different class options for the various age groups!

Why does registration close before the first day of each exploratory?

Growing Outdoors wants to provide the best possible after school enrichment program. Therefore, we need time to schedule and prepare our staff, in addition to reviewing each child’s health form, prior to the first day of each exploratory.

Why are the exploratories priced differently?
The price of all of our exploratories is based on number of class meetings, supply costs, staffing needs, and specialized instructor costs. By basing it on these factors, you can rest assured that you are getting what you pay for!
Is it possible for an exploratory to be cancelled?

Occasionally, Growing Outdoors has to cancel an exploratory because low enrollment numbers make it logistically and financially nonviable. Should this happen to any exploratory for which you have signed up your child, we will contact you to discuss all alternative options (including the option of a full refund for the cancelled exploratory).

Could an individual class meeting be cancelled?

On very rare occasions, an exploratory does not happen quite as we planned! If there is ever an exploratory meeting that needs to be rescheduled, we will notify you in advance, and will still offer optional care for your child during their normal exploratory hour in the form of fun games and activities led by Growing Outdoors staff. Should an instructor be late or unable to make it to an exploratory meeting due to unforeseen circumstances, we will work with the school and vendor to reschedule the “missed” class. Never fear! Growing Outdoors staff will always be there to collect and care for your child and to make sure that they have a great time!

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