DK/TK & Kindergarten After-School Exploratories
Late-Fall Quarter! 
(Registration is Closed)

Late-Fall Virtual Exploratory descriptions are listed below!

  • Exploratories will begin on Monday, November 2nd.
  • Exploratories will meet 7-8 times, depending on the exploratory and  designated weekday.
  • Exploratories are divided based on the grade that student(s) entered in the fall of the 2020-2021 school year (Please note: some exploratories may be offered to combined grade levels).
  • Registration must be completed and submitted online.

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Block A (1:30pm – 2:15pm)
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Hip Hop Dance! (DK/TK-Kindergarten) – Click here to view the flier!
Rock out with the Funky Divas & Dudes! Get great exercise and have fun right from your home! This Hip-Hop dance class is designed to help students gain confidence and self-esteem. We promote a healthy lifestyle through fun-physical activity that encourages self-expression through music and movement. We teach age appropriate dance routines to all the best tunes. We’ll perform our Rockin’ dance routines on the last day of class, record it via Zoom, and send it to families for a great keepsake! Let’s get funky!

Cost: $145.00 (8 Classes): November 5, 12, 19; December 3, 10, 17; January 7, 14 (No Class: November 26; December 24, 31)

Block B (2:50pm – 3:35pm)
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Martial Arts: Young Ninjas Skills & Drills! (DK/TK-2nd Grade) – Click here to view the flier!
Click here to watch the Demo Video!
Young Ninjas livestream classes are led by our high-energy Senseis from all over the city who introduce children to fundamental martial arts elements, like blocks, kicks, strikes, and the all-important KI-YAH! By following along with your Sensei, each class children will participate in skill training, fun games, and creative challenges using little to no equipment children can find at home. KI-YAH! (This exploratory is also open to 1st and 2nd grade students)

Cost: $105.00 (7 Classes): November 2, 9, 16, 30; December 7, 14; January 11 (No Class: November 23; December 21, 28; January 4)

Performing Arts (DK/TK-1st Grade) – Click here to view the flier!
Come join us for games, songs, and acting in this fun, high energy performing arts class! Together, we will learn how to think creatively, explore our imaginations, and become different characters while we dance to silly songs and learn how to perform with our friends. New and classic games alike will help us tell stories together using our imaginations and feel confident while sharing ideas and performing, and we can’t wait to make up all those cool and wacky characters with you. So, get ready to have fun and get silly together while we learn, grow, and explore the world of performing arts! (This exploratory is also open to 1st Grade students)

Cost: $110.00 (8 Classes): November 3, 10, 17; December 1, 8, 15; January 5, 12 (No Class: November 24: December 22, 29)

Capoeira! Brazilian Martial Art (DK/TK-2nd Grade) – Click here to view the flier!
Capoeira is a fantastic martial art from the South American country of Brazil! Kick, jump, run, spin, headstand, handstand, and flip your way into the awesome world of capoeira! Did we mention the rhythms of handmade instruments and Brazilian music that the movements will follow? Timing is key, and students will improve coordination, focus, balance, and more. Come learn capoeira in a fun-filled, high-energy hour online! It’s all happening here, don’t miss out! (This exploratory is also open to 1st and 2nd grade students)

Cost: $95.00 (7 Classes): November 4, 18; December 2, 9, 16; January 6, 13 (No Class: November 11, 25; December 23, 30)

Block C (3:45pm – 4:35pm)
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Drawing with Color! (DK/TK-2nd Grade) – Click here to view the flier!
Learn to draw using a toolkit of colorful materials and open up a world of artistic possibilities! Follow along with a real-life artist to create bright and exciting drawings in a full spectrum of color. Through the use of included materials, let your artistic abilities soar as you learn the tips and tricks of drawing using all the colors of the rainbow. (This exploratory is also open to 1st and 2nd grade students)

Cost: $95.00 + $20.00 supplies fee (for your very own art supplies kit) – (7 Classes): November 4, 18; December 2, 9, 16; January 6, 13 (No Class: November 11, 25; December 23, 30)

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Growing Outdoors?

We are a local after-school enrichment program that partners with elementary schools in the Agoura/Oak Park/Thousand Oaks area to provide a variety of quality after-school enrichment programs that focus on the physical, intellectual, and emotional skills of students from Kindergarten through grade five. We do our best to offer a wide variety of class programs, which we call “exploratories,” because we know that each child is different, and it is our goal to find and offer programs that engage your student and make them want to explore more!

Though our exploratories have always taken place on campus and in person during the school year, with schools closed for the time being, we are excited to offer virtual programming after-school this fall! We have been hard at work since the end of last school year building curriculum and finding exploratories that translate well to virtual learning, and we hope you find something in our exploratory offerings that sparks your child’s interest!

Will my child be with their school classmates in their virtual programs?

Our virtual programs are open to all children who have entered Discovery Kindergarten (also known as Transitional Kindergarten) to Fifth grade for the 2020-2021 school year. This includes students from all of our partner schools, and also families from outside that sphere who may be joining us for the very first time! We value these opportunities to make new friends and work with new people, and we are excited to support your child’s growth as they strengthen old friendships and build new ones!

Can my Covid-19 School Closure Household Credit from spring 2020 be applied to the virtual programs?

Yes! If your household received credit for any cancelled Growing Outdoors Spring Trimester 2020 exploratory meetings that we were not able to move online, you may choose to apply your credit to our virtual programs, or hold on to it for future school-year programming with Growing Outdoors. Just follow the instructions once you reach the payment option section of your registration, and we will do the rest to ensure that your credit is applied!

Click here to read our March 31st letter to families regarding household credits

Why does the online program use Zoom as the virtual platform?

By using Zoom, Growing Outdoors can set up links that we only make available to registered families at the email address that you have provided to us. Zoom also allows us to control who can enter the exploratory meetings, ensuring that our meetings are safe and only attended by those who have registered to join us.

What do I do if my child has to miss an exploratory day?

Please call us as early as possible (before 10:00am is preferable!) at (818) 889-8383. The Growing Outdoors adminstrative staff will be creating daily attendance sheets for each exploratory, so it would be helpful to have that information as early as possible. 

Why does registration close before the first day of each exploratory?

Growing Outdoors wants to provide the best possible after-school enrichment program to your family. Therefore, we need time to prepare our instructors prior to the first day of each exploratory.

Why are the exploratories priced differently?

The price of all of our exploratories is based on number of class meetings, staffing needs, and specialized instructor costs. By basing it on these factors, you can rest assured that you are getting what you pay for!

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