Staff Positions

We currently looking for fun, energetic, and kind individuals who enjoy working with children. There are several different positions within each Growing Outdoors program. Take a look and see if there is a position that interests you!

We are currently hiring staff for the 2024-25 school year.

The Site Coordinator is in charge of all aspects of Growing Outdoors on the school campus from beginning to end. They will communicate with the school to find out about student absences, maintain attendance records, support all staff members, provide any necessary first aid, be the contact person with parents, and keep track of all programs running on campus. They will provide feedback to staff and vendors, and remain in contact with the Growing Outdoors directors about all aspects of the program. The Site Coordinator must be First Aid and CPR Certified.
Program Specialists are responsible for coordinating and overseeing all aspects of their exploratory class. They will be providing all instruction and maintaining a safe environment with the assistance of the Exploratory Leader. The Program Specialist will remain in contact with the Site Coordinator about any needs or issues that may arise.
Exploratory Leaders have the opportunity to work with the same class each week for the entire trimester. They will be making sure all students have arrived, assist the Program Specialist in facilitating the activity, stay in contact with the Site Coordinator about any issues that arise, and provide extra support to any student who may be struggling.  The Exploratory Leader will then dismiss each student to their guardian or to a previously authorized person.

We are always looking to meet great people with an interest in helping children to learn and grow!

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