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Spring Trimester Has Ended! We’ll See You Next Fall!

Spring Registration Deadline – Wednesday, March 8th

Spring Trimester Exploratory descriptions are listed below

  • Spring Trimester Exploratories will begin on Monday, March 13th.
  • Exploratories will meet 8-9 times, depending on the day of the week and the grade level.
  • Exploratories take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday each week.
  • Exploratories are divided into two age groups: Kindergarten and First-Fifth Grades
  • Registration must be completed and submitted online.
  • If you have credit left over from the school closures in March 2020, it will apply automatically when you check out.

*Please note that these are the exploratories being offered for the Spring Trimester (March 13 – May 19).

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Covid-19 Procedures for Growing Outdoors?
Growing Outdoors will follow all rules and regulations regarding Covid-19 that have been put in place by district, county, and public health officials. Under this guidance, any student who is under “quarantine” is not permitted to participate in Growing Outdoors exploratories until they have been released from quarantine by their school.

Following updated guidance from the CDC and the California Department of Public Health, masks became optional during Spring 2022 Growing Outdoors programs. As we enter the 2022-2023 school year, we will continue to monitor guidance and requirements, and adjust accordingly, as needed.

What happened to the credit I received when schools closed in March 2020?
All credits have been applied to their corresponding accounts on our online registration site. When you register your student, you will see the credit applied on the payment page. If you think this information is incorrect, or if you have any questions about credit, please contact Alec at 818-889-8383 ext, 704 or
What happens if my child participates in the YMCA after-care program?
At the end of each exploratory, Growing Outdoors staff will walk those children enrolled in YMCA program from their exploratory to the appropriate location.
Why are the exploratories divided into trimesters?
We feel that students will get the most out of each exploratory when they have consistent time to be with the same students and the same instructors to build a rapport. By making each trimester eight to ten weeks in length, students will have three opportunities during the school year to try different exploratories. Each trimester will offer different class options for the various age groups!
What do I do if my child has to miss an exploratory day?
Please call us as early as possible (before 10:00am is preferable!) at (818) 889-8383. The Growing Outdoors adminstrative staff will be creating daily attendance sheets for each exploratory, so it would be helpful to have that information as early as possible. 
Why does registration close before the first day of each exploratory?
Growing Outdoors wants to provide the best possible after school enrichment program. Therefore, we need time to train and prepare our staff, in addition to reviewing each child’s health form, prior to the first day of each exploratory.
Why are the exploratories priced differently?
The price of all of our exploratories is based on number of class meetings, supply costs, staffing needs, and specialized instructor costs. By basing it on these factors, you can rest assured that you are getting what you pay for!
What does my exploratory tuition pay for?
There are many factors that affect Growing Outdoors exploratory prices! These might include:

  • We have a Site Coordinator on campus from before the first program begins until the last child is picked up! 
  • There is a Growing Outdoors Exploratory Leader in each class! Our trained staff person is there to focus on the students’ well-being, while the Vendor or Program Specialist will handle the instruction of the activity. 
  • We are dedicated to offering the highest quality after-school programs to our families! Each exploratory has a Vendor or Program Specialist who provides specialized and exciting instruction. To make this possible, each has a fee of their own which makes up the bulk of our exploratory pricing. 
  • Each school district requires use rental fees for all indoor and outdoor exploratory locations. These fees go directly back to your school district! 

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